Seven shopping mistakes every woman makes.


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So back on track..

So you love shopping ?

And you’re probably wondering , what kind of mistake would I possibly make ?

Well…they’re seven .

SHOPPING is just like a video game . You either win or lose . When you win ,you win with happiness and Joy ,but when you lose ,it feels like you’ve been poked with a needle on your behind.

How can I lose in shopping ?

Well….there are only two ways that can happen. You could either waste a lot of money on something you don’t like or go broke for months buying the wrong set of clothes.

No stress. These are all mistakes. Mistakes I hope you never make again after reading this.

What you need to know first ; You think with your heart and not your head.

Let’s look at shopping like the two sides of a coin. You either land on the head or on the tail.

Here’s an instance ; Girl named Shane wants to look like Mary Jane, so she dresses like her, shop whatever she shops ,making her look partly insane because she lost a lot of money on something she couldn’t maintain .

You see,Shane thought with her heart and not her head, she was filled with the want to look like Mary Jane that she forgot that money was on the line ,so was herself.

How can I think with my head when it comes to shopping ?

There are two things you should always have in mind when shopping.

  • Cost
  • The item you want to buy.

See,super easy . If you know the item you want to buy and the cost ,then you won’t make the same mistake Shane made.

Number two ; You keep forgetting that shopping isn’t meant to be excessive.

I want that bag.

That shoe.

Maybe the dress on the left ?

Are those high knee boots ? , can I get that ?

Can I get the latest release from Dolce and Gabbanna ?

Wait,all of that in one day ?

What’s the bill ?

If you shop like that , you must be earning a six-figure every month ,because all of that is too much.

Why people shop excessively ?

  • Self satisfaction
  • Not knowing what they wan to buy
  • Greed
  • Probably a shopaholic

How can I quit excessive shopping ?

  • Try finding your own signature style
  • Make a shopping list containing all the things you want to buy
  • Have a well planned budget

If you have all these three, you’ll go into any clothing store and come out with the perfect clothes.

Number three ; You try to shop in a hurry

Sometimes when I go shopping with my Dad,we always try to shop everything at once , because we don’t know when we’ll have the time to do more shopping .

At the end of the day, we ended up picking great clothes and stuff ,but most of them were things that when we looked back and saw , we’ll both be like ” I wish I hadn’t picked this ”

Shopping in a hurry or shopping when it’s not the right time can be one of your biggest mistakes .

You could pick the wrong outfits , spend a lot of money and have your self in a total mess.

Why don’t you shop when you’re ready , relax , take a deep breath and shop like no one’s watching.

Totally Awesome.

Number four ; You shop for unnecessary things

Have you ever had this feeling that what you’re picking isn’t what you really need ?

If you said YES , then it’s completely normal for everyone.

You pick a blue dress , then you pick a red dress too.

See, totally normal and this takes us to the next thing.

Number five : You lack a shopping list and If you have one ,you probably can’t stick to it .

Are you a shopaholic ?

Do you love to shop even when you don’t need to ?

If you’re like that,then your biggest problem is not having a shopping list .

I know sticking to schedules, rules or a list of things can be difficult because sometimes you just want to squeeze that paper and throw it into the trash.

Don’t worry ,been there ,done that . It’s normal for a shopaholic because you just can’t stick to shopping what’s on the list.

How can I stop this ?

Well…there’s only one way that can work .


Yeah,shopping alone is nice if you don’t like company and all. But girl,if you’re a shopaholic then you need to have a couple of non-shopaholic friends that can help you control the amount of things you buy.

Helpful, right ?

Number six ; You don’t shop for comfort.

There’s not much to say here.

There are two types of people when it comes to shopping.

  • The people that shop for comfort and what they like.
  • The people that shop according to trends.

If you’re that type of person that shops for comfort , then you really know what you want.

If you’re the second person ,then you’ve probably not found your own style and I’m sure you’ll find it soon .

Number seven ; You don’t shop for the nearest future.

Someone said she was spending $5000 dollars on an outfit she was only going to wear once….I said ONCE.


Why are you buying it anyway ?

If you’re only going to wear it once , then you must be ready to do more shopping than usual , unless you’re the Kardashians ,then I’m not going to say anything….definitely not going to say anything.

If you can’t maintain the “wear once and that’s the end “ lifestyle , then don’t DO it .

Look at how much you have, how much you’re willing to spend. If it’s less than the outfit you want to buy , then don’t buy it.

Look for more affordable clothes , that are long lasting and bam! , you just hit a gold mine. Pointless again.

Thanks for reading !

Can’t wait to see you next week , by the way I’m here to help.



brrr….the fog is showing up in the sky, the weather just got chilly and those white flakes are clearly filling up your backyard…and you can just smell the cold air, it’s winter and guess what? ,you don’t know the essential things to have this season, well… I’ve come to help, with this list,you can get your winter game on .

I don’t know how much I need to keep stressing on this but every one needs a beanie this winter, not just only women, the both genders to be specific. This head wear can protect your head from the cold and there by keeping your head warm and cozy and preventing those beautiful snow flakes from leaving deposits on your hair, making you spend two to three hours getting them off with your hands 😥 .

Did you know that a beanie could keep your body warm? It can even reduce the amount of heat that comes out of your head, you probably didn’t know that right? . So go grab a beanie from your near by clothing store or you could just shop online like me through Amazon.

Geeky corner : Does a beanie reduce the amount of body heat in the body?
Answer : Yes, it does .

Amazon price range : $2.99 – $21.99 [not fixed]

Everybody should know that this winter essential is going to be very necessary during the winter, ranging from different styles ,designs and patterns . Hand gloves come in handy during winter, well…everyone that lives in a place that snows should know that ,ever had your hand frozen before?
Your answer would probably be NO! but we do need hand gloves, hand gloves could be traditional, mechanical or even our general work hand gloves. During cold seasons, you should probably go for a more effective hand glove that can fight cold, offer valid protection and can be used for your day to day activities without making our hands feel weird… Like who wants that?

You can get a hand glove anywhere ,your near by clothing store or even online, that’s why we have Amazon duh. So get your dusty hand gloves from your drawer and send them to the dry cleaners…remember Hygiene first.

Geeky corner : Are fingerless hand gloves good during the winter?
Answer : No, in fact they are best not worn during the winter, the essence of a hand glove during winter is to keel your fingers and palm warm and not expose your fingers.

Amazon price range : $7.99 – $24,99 [not fixed ]

Don’t tell me that you didn’t get a scarf this winter?…. Cause you’re about to read this breathtaking news, did you know that more than 26 million Americans suffer from asthma and that is 8.3% adults and 8.3% children according to asthma statistics. And not wearing a scarf could trigger an asthma attack.

The best way to wear a scarf is by wearing it loosely over our nose and mouth so that it can make the air you breathe in warm .

Those warm ,beautiful ,colorful, (sometimes patterned) ,material you tie around your neck that makes you feel warm… So so warm , happens to be one of your winter essentials, you might not know how important a scarf is until your neck starts to freeze .

Geeky corner : Can scarves be used as a modern sense of style during the winter?
Answer : Yes, it can, in fact a scarf completes your outfit during the winter.

Amazon price range : $4.20 – $19.99 [not fixed ]

Why would I need a sock during winter?, the question you should be asking is ‘Do you need a sock during winter? ‘ ,the answer is yes, You need a sock during winter .

A pair of socks has its own benefits , it can keep your feet warm and prevent health issues from forming and can also prevent the growth of bacteria. How great is that? , What are your thoughts about socks now?

I know it looks so little and everyone is probably going to forget to put this in their packing bag, but socks come in handy especially during cold evenings, or when you want to go to bed, and your feets are just so cold and your blanket is not doing any good. You can get a pair of really long socks at an affordable price .

Geeky corner : Is our feet one of the part of our bodies that sweat a lot.
Answer : Yes, it is, that’s why it’s open to bacterial and fungal infections.

Amazon price range : $9.70 – $33.99 [not fixed]

5. Warm jacket / Coat
People usually ask; what is the warmest material for a warm coat / jacket?. The answer is Wool. A wool coat is a very good material during the winter, it’s not just it’s ability to keep your body warm during the cold weathers that makes it great but to keep you warm even when WET, how cool is that?
I know most people would not like wool coats, because it can be uncomfortably hot sometimes or even scratchy… I get that, That’s why we have FLEECE.

Fleece is a material which I would highly recommend for anyone, it’s incredibly soft and much more better than wool, no more scratchy days for you anymore. Which do you prefer ; A warm coat or a warm jacket

Geeky corner : How do coats keep us warm?
Answer : They keep us warm due to fillings inside them.

Amazon price range : $6.99 – $269 [not fixed ]

6. Thermal underwear
If you’re reading this , you probably don’t know what a thermal underwear is or you’ve heard it from somewhere or you probably even own one, who knows?.

Well, a thermal underwear is called a thermal underwear because it can be worn over the skin just like your normal underwear and is known for its comfort and warmth. Totally suitable for winter. Don’t ya think?

Geeky corner :Ever wondered the best material for a thermal underwear?
Answer : The best material for a thermal under wear is a ‹synthetic fabric›

Amazon price range : $16.99 – $112 [not fixed ]

One of the greatest thing to have during the winter is a nice sweater. A sweater is known to be traditionally made from wool but now sweaters can now exist in different forms such as cotton, synthetic fibres, etc.

Geeky corner : Can you wear a T-shirt under a sweater as an undershirt?
Answer : Yes you can ,it can be your very own style this winter.

Amazon price range : $18.99 – $25.99 [not fixed ]

8. Winter boots
Obviously a winter boot is made for warmth. And yes, you should probably consider warmth when picking a winter boot. Winter boots usually have thermal materials that make your feet warm, I guess that’s why they are so comfy inside. Is your wardrobe lacking this winter essential? I hope not. Hurry and get it now before it is too late.

Amazon price range : $16.88 – $161 [not fixed]

Ever wondered why you need sunglasses during the winter? No?, well… don’t stress, sunglasses are actually very important during the winter, even though it is mostly worn during the summer, on very hot days or at the beach…Sunglasses prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun from entering our eyes.

According to Dr. Brand he says

First exposure to ultra violet rays damages your cornea

Sunglasses also help to reduce glare, how ?. Very bright reflection of light can cause glare which can lead to vision impairment and did you know that glare is very dangerous while driving and skiing?…. totally not safe to drive without a pair of sunglasses during the winter.

Geeky corner : Can sunglasses reduce headache
Answer : Our pupils constrict to reduce light exposure due to extremely bright conditions (especially during the summer) .The pupils cannot constrict enough to reduce the amount of light entering our eyes, so we squint. Squinting our eyes for a long time can lead to headache.

Amazon price range : $19.38 – $31.87 [not fixed]

Thanks for reading!!



Check out some of the prettiest plus-sized christmas outfits here, you cab still look pretty with those curves this holiday. Say Buh-bye to dull coloured T-shirts, spice up your day with modern inspired looks;

1st Look
-Caramel plaid fringe knit rauna
-Black tiny belt
-Black boots
-Black cap
-Black inner shirt
-Dark blue jeans
-White nail polish

2nd Look
-Cold shouldered black dress
-Black heels
-Silver and red ear rings
-Light pink lipstick
-White nail polish

3rd look
-Red cute skew neck assymetrical shirt
-Light blue ripped jeans
-Black boots
-Light pink nail polish

4th look
-Black silver glittered shirt
-Tiered Delight Tulle Skirt
-Silver bead necklace
-Silver statement necklace
-Beaded bracelet
-Black/Red heels


Amazing holiday inspired looks that you can’t resist

1st outfit : -Reds sweater
-White flare skirt
-Red wedge shoes
-Red nail polish
-Silver necklace

2nd outfit :
-Red scarf
-White sweater
-Dark blue one knee-ripped jeans
-silver heels
-White nail polish
-Red lipstick

3rd outfit:
-Red sweater
-Black high waist skirt
-Opaque tights
-Brown boots
-Brown/Black handbag

4th outfit :
-Black outfit
-Red mini dress
-Black opaque tights
-Black heels
-Black nail polish
-Nude lipstick

5th outfit :
-Black pants
-Silver purse
-Gold bracelet
-Silver bead like -necklace
-Red lipstick -Leopard stilettos